Affordability May Not Be This Good For Too Long. It’s Time To Buy!

Now that the housing market has stabilized, more and more homeowners are considering moving up to the home they have always dreamed of. Prices are still below those of a few years ago and interest rates have stayed near historic lows. Sellers should realize that waiting to make the move when mortgage rates are projected […]

How Do Today’s Home Costs Compare To Past Decades

Sometimes the best way to know whether your current situation is positive, is to look at the history of that situation. So, I decided to take a look at the history of home costs. In other words mortgage rates and payments, over the last few decades.   Here’s how it looks: What does this mean […]

Summer Knoxville Real Estate Guides Are Now Available!

Hot off the presses! My Summer 2015 Knoxville real estate guides for both buying and selling a home in the current market, are now available.  These are full of great information to arm you with the knowledge to make an educated decision, whether you are considering buying or selling real estate in the Knoxville area. […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Historical Mortgage Rates Over Last 40 Years

The INFOGRAPHIC below charts the historical mortgage rates for 30 year mortgages over the last 40+ years. The 30 year mortgage rate is projected to increase by a full percentage point next year. The mortgage rate currently available is still well below the averages of the last 40 years.  If mortgage rates rise by a […]

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Home in Farragut

Have you been kicking around the idea of buying a home in Farragut or Knoxville?  If you are, I’m sure you are getting lots of advice. Friends and family, who no doubt have your best interests in mind, can be a great resource to bounce ideas off of, but they might not be fully aware […]

Home Buying Advice: Buy Your Home Soon To Save Money

So there is plenty of home buying advice I could give you, and if you read my articles regularly you know they span quite a bit of information.  But right now, the most important information I can give you is to buy your Knoxville or Farragut home soon.  You might be asking, Troy, what’s the […]

How Buying A Home Now = Saving $100’s Of Dollars Month

Buying a home now may save you $100’s of dollars per month. This holds true for any buyer, but especially those who are not paying cash. The reason it effects those financing their new home, is that there are two factors that impact the amount of home you can afford. Those two factors are home […]