Foreclosed Homes Hit Lowest Mark in 7 Years

Some Highlights: The number of foreclosed in the US has fallen 28.9% to 472,000. Only 3.5% of homes in the US are currently in serious delinquency. The inventory level of foreclosed homes hit the lowest level since January 2008 at 1.2% of all homes with a mortgage. FIND OUT IN 15 SECONDS WHAT YOUR HOME COULD SELL […]

What Is A Zombie Property And Does Knoxville Have Any?

First off, you might be thinking, Troy is losing it.  Zombie property? But it is a real term used in the industry. A “Zombie Property” is any property that has started the foreclosure process, but never been foreclosed and the homeowner has vacated the property. Does Knoxville have any “Zombie Property?”  Of course, the nationwide […]

Effect of Neighborhood Foreclosures on your Knoxville Real Estate Value

What is the effect of neighborhood foreclosures on your Knoxville real estate value? Coming out of the harshest national housing downturn many homeowners have seen, we have all heard about the multitude of foreclosures that have taken place all across the United States.  Knoxville real estate, while not hit as bad as many areas in […]