Knoxville Makes Top 10 Places To Retire for 2013

Knoxville Makes Top 10 Places To Retire for 2013
retire in knoxvilleSeems like every time we turn around Knoxville, Tennessee is making someone’s Top 10 list.  Sure, those of us who live here know what a great place it is to live.  Proximity to the mountains, numerous lakes, University of Tennessee, all the shopping and restaurants one could ask for.  Well, today it looks like our Knoxville has made the 2013 Top 10 Places To Retire from Livability.  While many people when they think University town think that is only positive for the young folk or sports fans, Livability says that is far from true.


Livability cites the following reasons for Knoxville’s Top 10 Rank:

  • Mountains
  • Lakes
  • University of Tennessee
  • Sports
  • Historic architecture
  • Parks
  • Cultural activities
  • Entertainment options
  • Education options
  • Healthcare

Thinking about retiring to Knoxville?  Come visit and let us take you on a tour of the town!  Call Troy Stavros at 865-236-1333 for more information.