Top 10 Features New Home Buyers Want and Don’t Want

Top 10 Features New Home Buyers Want and Don’t Want
New Construction Homes in KnoxvilleIn a recent study released by the National Association of Home Builders, these questions were addressed to provide the most accurate data on buyer preferences to members. Troy Stavros, Broker and Partner with the 865 Real Estate team stated, “Coming out of a downturn in the market, buyers are being more frugal about determining what features they really need, and those that are just wants, when searching Knoxville homes for sale. The study addresses the hierarchy of those features so builders can target buyers with new homes in Knoxville that hit those hot buttons.”

Top 10 Features New Home Buyers Want: (the following results were calculated by taking a combination of the features that buyers said are both essential and desirable):

#1: Energy Star Rated Appliances
#2: Laundry Room
#3: Energy Star Rating for the Entire Home
#4A: Exhaust Fan in Bathroom
#4B: Exterior Lighting
#4C: Bathroom Linen Closet
#5: Energy Star Rated Windows
#6: Ceiling Fan
#7: Garage Storage
#8 Table Space for eating in kitchen
#9 Walk-in kitchen pantry

Top 10 Features New Home Buyers DON”T Want:

#1 (wanted least): Elevator
#2: Golf course community
#3: High density community
#4: Only a shower stall in the master bath
#5: Gated community
#6: Mixed use community
#7: Two story family room
#8: Wine cooler
#9: Wet bar
#10: Laminate counter tops

Stavros says, “There is no doubting how this information can be beneficial to Knoxville builders, but it can also benefit a home owner getting ready to sell or remodel with resale value in mind. Look at what is important in the mind of the buyer and focus your efforts on features that will help you sell.”