Have the Smartest Home on the Block?

From security systems to thermostats, light bulbs to sprinklers, your home can easily become smarter with internet-enabled devices. It’s going to be March before we know it! I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you. I’m always looking for ways to help my clients improve the value of their homes. One of […]

Selling A Home During The Holidays..Naughty or Nice?

Selling a home during the holidays. Is is naughty or nice? Just about this time every  year, scores of homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to put their home on the market. Other homeowners, who currently have their homes on the market, decide to take them off the market until after the holidays. Here are six […]

What Is Equity In A Home? How Does It Help Build Wealth?

So what is equity in a home, and how does it help build wealth? Citing a recent survey by Merrill Lynch, over 80% of the people in the United States believe that homeownership is still “an important part of the American Dream”. One of the biggest reasons it’s seen as so important is that it helps build […]

Fixing Your Knoxville Home: How To Fix A Hole In Drywall

In the latest edition of my “Fixing Your Knoxville Home” video series, we look at how to fix a hole in drywall. Whether the boys were wrestling in the family room or a hammer missed the nail hanging a picture in the hallway, sooner or later you my end up having to patch a hole in […]

Home Staging Advice To Make Your Home Show Better

Staging your home prior to going on the market is vital.  That is why it is a service I provide for every one of my listings.  Our professional home stager gets your home looking “just right” for pictures, video, and potential buyers. Below is some great home staging advice that you can do yourself, from the […]

The Best Return On A Remodeling Project Is By Far The Kitchen

Without a doubt, a kitchen has the best return on a remodeling project. The kitchen is the most important space in a home today, so when you are looking to remodel, it’s super important that you get it right.  It seems that the way people live today, more time is spent in the kitchen than […]

Clues That Your Knoxville Home May Have A Drainage Issue

Needless to say the Knoxville area has received quite a bit of rain this year.  I heard someone say the other day that we have received more than Seattle this year!  With lots of rain comes lots of water.  With lots of water comes drainage issues in your Knoxville home.  Here are some clues that […]

Top 10 Features New Home Buyers Want and Don’t Want

In a recent study released by the National Association of Home Builders, these questions were addressed to provide the most accurate data on buyer preferences to members. Troy Stavros, Broker and Partner with the 865 Real Estate team stated, “Coming out of a downturn in the market, buyers are being more frugal about determining what […]

Knoxville Real Estate: Top 10 Short Sale Misconceptions

Quick definition: A short sale is when a bank agrees to accept less than the total amount owed on a mortgage to avoid having to foreclose on a property. Troy Stavros, Broker and Partner with the 865 Real Estate team at Gables & Gates, REALTORS stated, “There are so many options today for struggling homeowners […]

Knoxville Real Estate: Checking Your Credit Could Approve Your Loan

Troy Stavros, Broker and Partner with the 865 Real Estate team stated, “In today’s home buying process, with the current stringent lending guidelines, a client’s credit score plays a pivotal role in whether or not they will be approved for a loan on Knoxville real estate. One error on a client’s credit report can be […]

Knoxville Real Estate: Incredible Mortgage Percentages MUST READ!

In today’s Knoxville real estate and mortgage markets we are seeing affordability and purchasing power like no other time in history. When rates are at historical lows, as they are now, they expand the home buyers purchasing power. While home prices have been low as well, the ultimate factor to purchasing power in the Knoxville real estate market is […]

Effect of Neighborhood Foreclosures on your Knoxville Real Estate Value

What is the effect of neighborhood foreclosures on your Knoxville real estate value? Coming out of the harshest national housing downturn many homeowners have seen, we have all heard about the multitude of foreclosures that have taken place all across the United States.  Knoxville real estate, while not hit as bad as many areas in […]

If a tree falls over your property line and no one is around to hear it… Who Pays?

If a neighbor’s tree falls over your property line, file an insurance claim for repairs and cleanup. No house damage? Check if chopping and hauling debris is covered. When a tree falls Your neighbor is responsible when a tree falls over your shared property line only if you can prove he was aware that his […]